Groups & Organizations

participate in social, political, artistic, and multicultural activities that put learning into practice.

student clubs and organizations

information about penn’s many registered student organizations

penn clubs
search student groups, register an organization, and view upcoming campus events.

fraternities and sororities
learn about greek life at penn and resources available through the office of student affairs/fraternity sorority life. find information tailored to the needs of students, parents, and alumni.

student government
deliberative and representative bodies for undergraduate, graduate and professional students.

faculty and staff organizations

weekly-paid professional staff assembly
the wppsa represents weekly-paid professional employees on the university council and gives voice to the interests of its membership throughout the penn community.

penn association of senior and emeritus faculty
pasef initiates and coordinates activities that encourage retired faculty members to maintain connections among themselves and with the intellectual and social life of the university.

faculty senate
elected members of the faculty senate’s executive and standing committees engage in investigation and consideration of matters of import with the university administration.

penn professional staff assembly
the ppsa provides a forum through which monthly-paid staff staff can engage in dialogue about issues facing the university and higher education.